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Fitness and Nutrition Program

Helps Women to Get Fit and Shape Up in Just 29 Minutes in a Fun, Friendly Women's Fitness Centres.

  Supportive women only environment  
  Contours Express is a major international franchise network with over 700 locations in 25 countries. All our clubs are for women only. No matter what shape you're in, we've got a workout for you. Our small, intimate clubs are filled with easy to use equipment and professional trainers to advise you. And because of our mini gym concept, we can get to know you and your needs better - it's like working out with a friend.  
  Other unique features of our program  are:  
  In and out in just 29 minutes  
  Free personalized program with guidance  
  Weight Loss Program  
  In and out in just 29 minutes  
  Our innovative circuit training workout takes just 29 minutes from start to finish, including warm up and stretching. So you’re in and out in no time. We developed our 29-minute workout because we know that even though you’re busy, you still want to feel better about yourself — enhancing your fitness, increasing your energy level, and even shedding a few pounds!  
  The workout combines:  
Strength training  -  Tone and firm the 8 major muscle groups all female want to target, delay the effects of aging, control weight and protect against injury.
Cardio exercises  -  Exercise your heart, build stamina and burn up to 600 calories per session.
Flexibility exercises  -  Enhance your flexibility, balance and coordination so that you can move better and prevent falls
  Best of all, there's no waiting to use equipment - our unique workout system keeps everyone moving. Furthermore, with no fixed timetable to follow, it is easy to fit into your busy schedule. Just drop in for 29 minutes anytime during our operating hours. [Top]
  Personalized program with guidance  
  Traditional gyms offer “facilities”- we offer a proven solution  
  Whatever your goals, our unique workout is designed to ensure you get results. Whether it's simply fitting some exercise into your busy lifestyle, or losing some weight, we'll create a plan just for you after a personal fitness analysis. The plan includes your ideal workout, plus it gives you a diet and eating guide. We will take you step by step through everything and check your technique. And we're always at arm's length for additional advice on working out, losing weight, your eating habits - or simply a chat! We have an exercise and diet plan that's right for you. Most importantly, these services are budget friendly – at no extra charge!  
  Take up our 1 week trial membership and experience the difference today. [Top]  
  Weight Loss Program  

Contours Express offers a 24-week Weight Loss Program. This program includes an easy to follow meal plan that gives you the option to select from a variety of foods. Our diet plan doesn't have 'off limits' food so you can be sure you will still get the full range of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Our weight loss program was designed to work hand in hand with our fitness program to provide you with an all-natural way to weight loss. By the end of the first four weeks, you will be able to make changes that are necessary to not only lose weight but maintain that weight loss and enjoy the new slimmer, healthier you. [Top]

  We maximize results!  

Do it regularly and watch a real difference – not just in kilos but also in your body shape. We recommend 29 minutes, two to three times a week to see real benefits. That's just an hour and a half a week - so it will suit even the busiest women.

And probably the most appealing thing about Contours is that it's affordable. With monthly membership fee as low as RM89 for unlimited sessions, inclusive of personalized fitness coaching, you'll no longer need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Why not take up our 1 week trial membership and experience the difference today? All you need is 29 minutes. [Top]



Fitness • Weight Loss • Support
In a fun, safe, convenient and non-intimidating
environment designed for women just like YOU!

Contours Express is a Woman's Fitness Franchise Opportunity from USA



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