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Life changing moments

Here are some inspiring experiences by our members














Evelyn, mother of three teenage children, works full-time five days a week and had difficulty finding time to exercise. She gradually put on weight over the years. Besides the dissatisfaction of being unable to fit into her clothes, she also felt her movements were slow and clumsy.

Over the past 6 months, she has noticed that her body is more flexible, trimmer and she feels more energetic.  When asked about her Contours Express experience, this is what she has to say: “I feel very happy that I finally found a gym that I can workout throughout the week. With the help of a professional instructor, I am constantly guided and encouraged towards achieving weight loss goal.” The reductions she achieved are :

Waistline - 15cm
Hips - 7cm
Thighs - 6cm



Dorothy had been leading a sedentary lifestyle. Like all women, Dorothy was conscious about her flabbiness. She tried dieting on her own but sees minimal result.

After recommendation from her friend who is also a Contours Express member, Dorothy made a decision to modify her lifestyle. By embarking on an individualized workout routine 3 times a week which is tailored to trim her problem areas and a sensible diet plan following the advice of the fitness trainers, she felt an increase in alertness and energy level. Now, 7months later, she has been able to successfully shed off a total of 29.5cm and melt her body fat percentage to a lower healthier range of 28.4% (from 35.3%).

Her comments on her experience with Contours Express are :“Very Good! I have been achieving my fitness goals of reducing body fat, weight and excess flab! The well-trained and friendly trainers are always around to guide us.”



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